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location: 1702 lincoln avenue  |  c/o offramp gallery |  pasadena ca  91103
: fri, sat& sun 1p to 5p  |  and by appointment
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10.10.10 to 11.06.10

artist reception: sun 10.10.10 |  4p to 7p
artist talk: sat 11.06.10 | 3p to 5p

Project_210 is pleased to present Never Forget, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles painter Steven Hampton. By bringing together the divergent aesthetics of Kitsch and Abstract Expressionism, Steven Hampton seeks to make painting a shared experience. In the aftermath of disasters, Americans often mourn through the collective consumption of kitsch objects. Think of tacky commemorative plates, T-shirts and snow globes bought by tourists while visiting Ground Zero in New York City. If Abstract Expressionist painting was to be mourned, could it not also be memorialized inside a snow globe? Steven Hampton has done exactly that, creating miniature Abstract Expressionist tableaux inside fully functional snow globes. These objects complement his newest paintings, which address the connection between disaster and kitsch in our culture and kitsch as the antithesis of Abstract Expressionist painting in Modernist Theory. With or without any understanding of this theory, Steven Hampton’s exhibition tempts us into shaking the snow globes and in doing so, makes us willing participants in the often non-participatory realm of Abstract Expressionist painting.